Ayurveda - A Science of Healthy Living

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Ayurveda - A Science of Healthy Living

Ayurveda is universally applicable and it is in practice for thousands of year. In fact Ayurveda is world's oldest pathy, an ideal and totally scientific method of treatment.

Ayurveda describes in detail the nature of diseases. Inappropriate food habits cause an imbalance in 'Vata', 'Kapha' and 'Pitta' (the three 'doshas' are defined on the basis of physical constitution of a person) are responsible for many diseases. Vata is related to elemental qualities of air, 'Pitta' to fire and 'Kapha' to water.

The medicines of Ayurveda come from vegetable world, animal world like- Gomutra (cow urine), cow milk, ghee, etc, metals and minerals. No chemical is used for treatment of diseases under this system of medicine. Therefore, these medicines do not have any adverse impact on our body. The metals and minerals used in Ayurvedic medicines are first purified and then given to the patients in proper amount.

"When the cause of a disease is rooted out, the disease would never return. Ayurvedic method of treatment is not a symptomatic treatment but a systematic method of treatment of a disease. In allopathic method of treatment, only symptom is cured and that too temporarily. And in doing so a lot of damage is done to the patient in the form of harmful chemical effects. The person, who practices Yoga and takes Amla (Indian gooseberry), Giloy(Tinospora cordifolia), Tulsi (basil) and other such herbs in sufficient quantities and leads a natural life, has up to 99 percent chances of leading a disease free life." Acharya Balkrishna, the renowned botanist and the Co-founder of the Patanjali Yogpeeth.

Besides, food taken as per the seasonal changes helps in keeping good health. Since atmospheric conditions affects human body. Our appetite reduce during summer and monsoon drizzles make it worse. During drizzling, gases which coming out from the earth, the acidic level of atmosphere and polluted air also affect our digestive system. These problems give rise to dangerous diseases like elephantiasis, fever, cold, cough, diarrhea, colitis, arthritis, cholera, dysentery, high blood pressure, pimples and body rashes. So, light, digestive, fresh foods which stimulate digestive system are good to consume during monsoon.

Spring is the most beautiful and enriching season. The sun rays start getting warmer in this season, the phlegm deposited in our bodies in winter starts melting with these sun rays. Phlegm is a secretion in the airway during disease and inflammation which usually contains mucus with bacteria, debris, and sloughed-off inflammatory cells. So we should keep a check on our wholesome diets as acidic, sweet and salty food products adds on phlegm and drink lots of water.

We should consume fresh, light and easily digestible food in this season. Green pulses, gram, barley, old wheat, rice, wry, sprouted seeds, butter, green vegetables, bitter gourd, garlic, spinach, mustard oil, black pepper, lemon and honey are the most health beneficial.

To keep human body healthy and fresh, a proper sleep is very necessary. After day-long hard work, the body and brain gets tired. During sleep, only crucial functioning of the body like breathing, blood circulation continue but rest stops. Hence, very less energy is spent and rest of the energy helps in increasing the strength or the power. Negative emotions like fear, concern, worry, anger or sadness, tiredness or pain in entire body due to excess labor, may lead to sleeplessness.

Sleeping in day-time is harmful. It increases 'kapha' and 'pitta', which cause different diseases in the body. Also one must take dinner early keeping a gap of two hours between dinner and going to bed.

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Ms. Geeta Singh is the Founder and MD of The Yellow Coin Communication, New Delhi. She loves to write articles and blogs in her spare time, her genre of writing comprises social & economical issues, health, education and art & culture.
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