Content Copywriting - What Is a Content Writer

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Content Copywriting - What Is a Content Writer

I guess it's a good question. #Content #writer, #copy writer, ghost writer, article writer, and #blog writer are all very common terms used today. Chances are that ten years ago you might not receive this type of question. With the huge rise in internet marketing, blog "stores", and regular old business websites it seems that everyone wants their very own. They are professionals, after all, true subject matter experts in producing written products that are particularly efficient for the internet.

A Writer, First and Foremost...

A content writer, in his or her soul, is simply another writer though. I can hear many freelancers out there right not "harumph"-ing as they read that last sentence. And they have a right. They pride themselves on their title of content writer, as they should. However, I guarantee that none will argue with this: A writer is a person who makes their living my stringing together thoughts, letters, words, sentences and paragraphs to construct text intended for reading by someone. Some writers will say that they don't care if their stuff is ever read. But they do.

...but with a specialty!

Content writers do have a specialty, though. They provide #content, in most cases, for the internet. Many of them are again getting upset, they're yelling (inwardly or outwardly) "Hey, I do print stuff too!" And they do but I would wager that 90% of writers who are content writers actually do 90% of their writing for an online venue.

These are specialists. Make no mistake about it. Many content writers have such intrinsic knowledge of SEO (search engine optimization) that it will make your head spin. Key word density, white hat tactics, meta tags, subheadings and image tags. They are magic workers, these content writers. They can take a dull and dead website and with just the magic of a keyboard, a sharp mind, and research they will drive traffic, buyers, and fans to it.

Content Writers are Versatile

Versatility is an understatement, though. These highly intelligent, passion driven, internet sitting professionals are the genetically and technically enhanced chameleon of the writing world. How about this? They are the "Predator" of the writing world. Need a 25 word Facebook post with strong SEO features that drives fans to click "like"? Got it. Need a 500 word article that is informative and strategically peppered with words to keep people on a website for an hour? No probs. Oh, no? You just need a 300 word blog post about your Aunt May's apple pie recipe that makes the reader click on an obscure ad half way down the page that is selling apple seeds? Piece of cake!

Worker Bees

Content #writers write #content... and write it and write it. They do #articles, operate blogs, run social media campaigns, produce newsletters, brochures, product designs and reviews. They also operate their own blogs and business sites. They drive traffic and customers to those sites by making sure that their sites are full of quality content for the same reason that people hire them to do it. To get business and gain popularity. Their very existence is determined by their mastery of their skill.

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